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Celebrating Mother's Day: Stories from O'lucio Home Family

Celebrating Mother's Day: Stories from O'lucio Home Family

Mother's Day is a cherished occasion dedicated to honoring and celebrating the remarkable women who have profoundly shaped our lives with their love, care, and guidance. At O'lucio Home, we value family and recognize the enormous impact mothers have made on our lives. In this special blog, we have asked three of our team members to share their heartfelt stories and cherished memories of their mothers. Let's dive in!


What are some of the characteristics of your mother that you admire the most?

My mother has a heart of gold, her children and her grandchildren are everything to her.  She is selfless and always puts her family first. She is always there when we need her most and she is fiercely loyal to us.  She is always there to offer a helping hand or to be there for us if we need her advice.

Can you share a favorite memory or moment you shared with your mom?

The memories for me that stick out the most are the amazing travels that I’ve shared with my Mom. She left Australia for the first time in her early 20’s and traveled to Europe where a love of travel and exploration was born. She instilled this in her children through tales of her travels and also through family holidays as we grew up. Many of my most vivid memories as a child are during our travels, we always camped and we visited some amazing places. I remember her having to carry me during a family prawning trip as I was petrified of an octopus that became interested in our flashlights, I remember picking mulberries with her and getting stains all over my hands and clothes during a stay at family friends farm, I remember exploring the Great Barrier Reef with her in a glass bottom boat as a 6 year old. The most memorable trip was when we visited the Northern Territory. I am the youngest of three children and my brother and sister were both at university and preferred to stay behind for this trip so it was just my parents and I. We drove from Melbourne to Adelaide and then headed up through the Outback with stops in incredible places like Coober Pedy, Uluru, Katherine, Adelaide River and Litchfield National Park. That love of travel and exploration that I grew up hearing about was from then onwards a huge part of the person that I would become. The inspiration from those travels inspired me to take time away from my studies and to travel around the world during my 20’s and then in my 30’s I relocated to Vietnam where I am now based.  

What lessons or values did your mom impart to you that you still carry with you?

My mother is fundamentally a very good person, she is kind, she is honest and she believes in treating others with respect. She believes in the impact of perseverance and the value of hard work and these are all qualities that I carry with me as well.


What are some of the characteristics of your mom that you admire the most?

My mother is the epitome of resilience, empathy and a positive attitude. Her life has been full of ups and downs, even some life challenges that I think would be unbearable for a person but with such a positive attitude and strength, she has always been able to break through those challenges. She always knows how to look on the bright side of things and how to have fun.  She is my greatest role model. 

Can you share a favorite memory or moment you shared with your mom?

My favorite memory of my mother was when she comforted me when I told her I had depression and a severe burn out due to my high workload. I felt so guilty because at that time I needed to stop working due to my health. I felt like I had failed her. Contrary to my expectation, as soon as my mother heard me talking about my health conditions, she cried and she hugged me. She told me: “I am so glad that you are still alive and you are here with me. I only want you to be healthy and happy.’’ I felt so much unconditional love and understanding from her. I am so grateful that she’s my mother.

What lessons or values did your mom impart to you that you still carry with you?

Mom taught me to do all of the small things with love and that I don’t need to do anything that I’m not comfortable with just to earn other people’s approval and to be liked. She taught me to focus on doing things that I love and treat people with kindness.

We want to extend our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to all the mothers out there: May your Mother’s Day be filled with love, laughter, and all the happiness you deserve.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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