About Us

A bright ray of sunlight streams in through a windowpane and illuminates a needle and thread as it meticulously glides through linen. The fingers carefully crafting the design have been doing this for decades just as their parents had done before them in a small village in northern Vietnam that prides itself on a heritage of handmade embroidery. Such commitment to quality and simplicity seems forgotten in our modern world filled with hectic deadlines and mass manufacturing. But don’t we all yearn to hold something created carefully with love and in harmony with nature?

At O'lucio, we believe the simplest things can bring light into one’s life. Surrounding ourselves with subtle, luxurious goods made with natural materials can brighten a room, a meal, a gathering. We’re thus committed to bringing you high-quality, handmade table linens reliant on sustainable production and packaging. Our environmentally-friendly designs blend modern styles with embroidery traditions that stretch back centuries. It’s our sincere desire that when your fingers brush against the fabric, you feel a gentle lightness radiate through your body and mind.

About Linen

Linen has endured through the ages thanks to its versatility, beauty, durability, comfort and ease of sustainable production. From its origins in ancient empires to its ubiquity in modern dining rooms, closets and bedrooms, O'lucio is proud to contribute to the cherished place of linen in people's homes.

Made from flax seeds, the 100% biodegradable fabric is naturally hypoallergenic and requires significantly less water to produce compared to alternatives. When cultivated without pesticides or fertilizers, it doesn’t significantly harm the ecosystem.

Our Designs

Life’s simple joys become easier to savor when slowing down. When taking time to appreciate small pleasures like the love put into a handmade item or the many natural imperfections and textures that surround us, we can better embrace the world and our place within it.

This concept of slow living informs O'lucio’s sustainable designs. Each handmade piece reflects generations of experience carefully passed down because it is the right way to work, not the fastest or most lucrative. We ensure every product is made out of love for the materials, our customers and the planet.

Olucio home linen napkins

O'lucio’s timeless patterns and styles seek to harmonize across seasons, years and occasions. The fabric’s subtle imperfections help you connect with the beauty of the natural world while our elegant designs embody the ideals of human craftsmanship.

Linen’s longevity, when supported by classic colors and designs, means you can enjoy a piece for years to come and bring peaceful luxury into your home.

Olucio elegant linen table napkins

Ethical Business Practices

What we produce is only as important as how we produce it. Thus, O'lucio strives to create jobs for families and village communities while providing them the means to continue important traditions. Our products are made in local homes and comfortable workshops that foster collective relationships. 

Olucio handmade linen table napkins

Consumers have an important role in ethical consumption, and O'lucio assists them through our responsible packaging. We use simple, thoughtful kraft paper boxes and tissue that minimizes waste while keeping products safe and clean during transportation. 

From sustainable production to elegant design to responsible use, O'lucio invites you to embrace the timeless charm and heritage of linen.