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Celebrate Earth Day in Style: Elevate Your Table Settings with Green and Blue Hues

Celebrate Earth Day in Style: Elevate Your Table Settings with Green and Blue Hues

Embrace the essence of our planet's lush landscapes and vast oceans by infusing your table settings with the natural beauty of green and blue tones. Discover how O'lucio Home table linens can not only elevate the elegance of your table but also serve as a gentle reminder of our responsibility to cherish and protect the Earth.

1. Forest Green Swiss Dot Linen Napkins and Forest Green Swiss Dot Linen Placemats

As you set your table for Earth Day, remember that less is more. Choose a clean, minimalist aesthetic with fewer decorative elements, allowing the pleasant colors and comforting textures of green linens to shine. Enhance the ambiance with green candlesticks for a warm glow. Make the setting more ethereal by using green candlesticks to provide a warm inviting glow. 

Upcycle old jars or bottles as vases for flowers and greenery, adding an eco-friendly touch to your decor that showcases nature's beauty.

table setting using green linen napkins and linen placemats

2. Navy Blue Luxe Hemstitch Bordered Linen Napkins and Navy Blue Luxe Hemstitch Bordered Linen Table Runner  

Soften the look of your table by pairing blue or green with neutral tones like white or beige to create a balanced and elegant look. Choose clear glassware to complement the color scheme, or opt for glassware with subtle blue or green accents for a cohesive style that evokes an earth-themed European flair.

table setting using navy blue linen hemstitch bordered napkins and table runner

3. Forest Green Ajouré Double Hemstitched Linen Napkins

Instead of traditional floral arrangements, you can enhance your table setting’s earthy vibe by decorating it with natural accents from your garden or local park, such as pine cones, driftwood, or marble stones alongside your tableware. Arrange them in a decorative tray for a simple yet striking focal point or scatter them along the table.  Place small sprigs of fresh herbs like rosemary, thyme, or parsley on each plate to add a burst of color but also infuse the atmosphere with delightful scents. 

table setting using green linen napkins

4. Skylight Blue Ajouré Double Hemstitched Linen Napkins

For Earth Day, I love the concept of using plants and leaves as a table centerpiece. You can use fresh green leaves or eucalyptus branches arranged down the center of the table for a natural and fragrant accent. The pairing of light blue tableware with green plants creates a fresh, peaceful ambiance reminiscent of a forest under a clear blue sky. Secure a sprig of greenery within each napkin using twine for a festive touch that beautifully complements the light blue hues.

table setting using skylight blue linen napkins

By incorporating green and blue hues into your table setting, you not only create an inviting earthy style but also bring a sense of freshness to your space. So, gather your loved ones, toast to Mother Earth, savor delicious food, and let the beauty of green and blue inspire your Earth Day celebration.

Wishing you a Happy Earth Day! 

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