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2024 Wedding Trends: A Colorful Palette for Your Table Settings

2024 Wedding Trends: A Colorful Palette for Your Table Settings

While white has long symbolized purity and new beginnings in weddings, contemporary trends are increasingly embracing a more diverse color palette that mirrors the couple's personalities and style. Here are some trending colors for wedding table settings in 2024 that go beyond white, offering a vibrant and unique touch to your special day.

1. Blue

Marseille Bleu takes center stage in 2024 weddings, as noted by Brides and Minted Weddings magazine. This dynamic shade suits both formal city affairs and breezy beach ceremonies, adapting effortlessly to various decorative themes.  

the blue shade called Marseille Bleu

Our collection offers a range of blue hues, with the enduring elegance of our Navy Blue Haute Linen Napkins being a popular choice. Pairing beautifully with white, gold, or blush accents, navy blue exudes timeless sophistication.

the table setting using navy blue

For a touch of the sky or ocean, consider our Skylight Blue Ajouré Double Hemstitched Linen Napkins, ideal for beach-themed celebrations. Enhance the ambiance with seaside elements like seashells or driftwood to complete the look.

the table setting using skylight blue linen napkin

 2. Blush Pink

Our Blush Pink Swiss Dot Linen Napkins are a timeless and romantic choice that continues to be a favorite for weddings. This soft hue adds a touch of sweetness and refinement to your wedding tablescape. Complement with rose gold accents or napkin rings for an extra touch of elegance.

table setting using blush pink linen napkins and white linen placemats

The subtle allure of our Blush Pink Luxe Hemstitch Bordered Linen Napkins blend seamlessly with any theme, allowing for versatile styling. Enhance the romantic vibe with blush pink florals like roses or peonies, creating a cohesive and naturally beautiful table setting.

table setting using blush pink linen napkins

 3. Lavender

Introduce a dreamy and romantic atmosphere with our Lavender Ajouré Double Hemstitched Linen Napkins, perfect for spring and summer weddings. Add fresh lavender sprigs to your centerpieces for an enchanting touch.

table setting using lavender linen napkin

4. Natural

Natural colors create a timeless and elegant ambiance that effortlessly complements a variety of wedding themes. Natural Luxe Hemstitch Bordered Linen Napkins guarantee a stylish and sophisticated table setting regardless of trends. Pair with minimalist floral arrangements and simple tableware for a classic look.

table setting using natural linen napkin

5. Burnt Orange 

For fall and winter weddings, embrace the warmth and coziness of our Orange Festive Hemstitch Bordered Linen Napkins. This inviting hue suits rustic, bohemian, and vintage themes, creating an intimate and welcoming ambiance that pairs beautifully with neutrals, greens, and metallics.

table setting using burnt orange linen napkin

The top wedding color trends of 2024 are diverse and exciting, each offering its own unique charm and elegance. Whether drawn to the romantic hues of lavender and blush pink, the bold statement of burnt orange, or the timeless elegance of natural tones, these colors promise to enhance your wedding tablescape. Embrace experimentation and select colors that reflect your personal style and create an unforgettable ambiance on your special day. 

Explore more colors in our collection here.

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